The city of Yurik is a shadow of its former self. Set on the Isthmus of The Maladovian peninsula its deep western harbors made it a strategic point during the civil war. Never falling into the hands of the House of Gravatal , this House of Hali city was decimated over 15 years of battle. The once thriving population of 50,000 now only stands at less than 10,000. Hundreds of buildings lie abandoned and thousands more smashed or burned to rubble.

After The Treaty of Wain ended the war Yurik has fallen to the wayside. The old nobility were stripped and new and uncaring lords put in their place. Crime is rampant and the”New Lords” of the city have all but abandoned it leaving a corrupt sheriff and do nothing magistrate to sort things out. However there is money to be made Yurik and it is one of the few places left that former soldiers and new adventurers can make some coin.

The Phantoms of Yurik