The Phantoms of Yurik

The Masked Party

Quick Recap

  • You infiltrated the party and discovered it was a masked ball.
  • you uncovered who was the sheriff was by finding out more about him and eliminating the potential males.
  • you almost got him into position to kill him….then…the monk was discovered attempting to break into the office upstairs

and then all hell broke loose.

  • The manor is burning down! Set aflame by the mighty Kitty after the alarm was raised.
  • The Sheriff has nearly escaped and only the ranger stands in his way.
  • Copak the Warcaster is dying in the fire and several important nobles lay dead after the stampede.
  • Up above on the second floor searching for the documents the Monk stands alone against a Construct of Furniture and debris.

Who will stop the sheriff from escaping!

What will happen to our hero’s

When….When will the adventure continue!

Only you can decide!

The 10th is good for me if not sooner…Let me know whats up and what the plan is.

-The DM



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