The Phantoms of Yurik

The Fog of War

See GM section

The Masked Party

Quick Recap

  • You infiltrated the party and discovered it was a masked ball.
  • you uncovered who was the sheriff was by finding out more about him and eliminating the potential males.
  • you almost got him into position to kill him….then…the monk was discovered attempting to break into the office upstairs

and then all hell broke loose.

  • The manor is burning down! Set aflame by the mighty Kitty after the alarm was raised.
  • The Sheriff has nearly escaped and only the ranger stands in his way.
  • Copak the Warcaster is dying in the fire and several important nobles lay dead after the stampede.
  • Up above on the second floor searching for the documents the Monk stands alone against a Construct of Furniture and debris.

Who will stop the sheriff from escaping!

What will happen to our hero’s

When….When will the adventure continue!

Only you can decide!

The 10th is good for me if not sooner…Let me know whats up and what the plan is.

-The DM

A Test of Skill
Part 1 The Deal


Amond Hali’s Offer

Within 3 days
1. Kill Yonas Bartome The Sheriff of Yurik
2. Recover Documents that deal with his investigation of the Kings Murder 15 years ago
3. Frame the Sheriffs Lieutenant a Hobgoblin known as Copak or His Goblin force know as The Lawful for the murder of the Sheriff

1. Amond Hali will give you no assistance (Other than the advance) or information. He claims it’s a test of your information gathering skills.

2. You can not let anyone know you are working for him.


1. 2500GP—250 in advance
2. Future Work

The Black Raven Inn

By talking to the Goblin Barkeeper Gnog The barbarian was able to find out some information (Only after greasing the wheels by coin even after attempting to look mean and tough)

1. The Sheriff is a free goblinoid supporter
2. Copak is a Pak-Jah-Mahtt (Hobgoblin Warmage)
3. The Sheriff was a key investigator of the King’s death 15 years ago. It is his documents and testimony that have put Nemond Hali behind bars and scheduled for execution.
4.Both The Sheriff and his Men are loyal to The House of Gravatal
5. There is a rumor that during the civil war The sheriff made his money by selling enemy prisoners as slaves to foreign nations.
6. The Sheriff is single and is looking for a bride. He often throws parties and invites people of the upper class to meet there daughters…the next one is in three days.
7. The Sheriff lives in a well protected manor to the south west… You might be able to find out more information by talking to a Human Named Davis…He used to work at the manor when the previous owner was alive.
8.Celeste. The head housekeeper Is looking for extra workers for the party.

The Bugbear Also attempted to talk to Davis who was at the Inn but was turned away because Davis is fiercely Anti Goblin.

The Monk took advantage of this opportunity and buttered up Davis to get more information
1.There is a secret entrance to the sheriffs Manor. This entrance is most likely trapped.
2. Davis drew you a map of the main floor of the manor and whee the secret entrance opens up to.
3. The Sherrif’s Mongrel(Copak) keeps a contingent of skilled goblin warriors with him up at the manor.
4. The place is well gaurded…he estimates on a normal day around 25 people work there 8 servants..Copak…The Sheriff and 15 guards…on a party day it could be double.

Part II
1. Goldie’s wizard is dead as well as the Dress maker Brasco. BEN you will be playing the Monk Kid, tonight (Sun Yi) or the team will have to go find Goldie’s body.

2. you have 2 invitations to the party(looking at the invitations FINALLY…cough… it is a masquerade ball) you might be able to bring along the other people as servants. or you could find another way in. This also might make it interesting trying to figure out who is the Sheriff.

3. You still have no dress/costumes. You have seen postings for workers for the party. and there is always risking it and just going through the secret entrance.

4. There is about 15hrs till the party starts and around 20hrs until the job has to be finished. You all need to rest for 6hrs to get to full health.

5. As far as I know once you get in you don’t really have a plan to Kill the Sheriff and frame Copak or his goblins. However the opportunity may just present itself.

6. also you are supposed to Recover Documents that deal with his investigation of the Kings Murder 15 years ago

A Test of Heroism
Session 1

Boo for the Cliff’s Notes version but its been almost 6 weeks

A handful of out of work soldiers go looking for work in the city of Yurik. Trying there luck to get jobs at a sheriffs office, they are turned away immediately. In doing so they stumble into a man being mugged. The man is obviously a supporter of the house of Hali who is being beat upon by what appear to be a handful local rabble. The Deputy outside pays no attention to the mugging and the players jump into the fray.

Two men observe the fight closely from a distance as an Monk, a Wizard, an Artificer, a Ranger and a Bugbear Barbarian attack the Muggers. Disjointed as a team but all powerful in their own right. Flashes of deadly brilliance come from the Monk and the Barbarian pull a victory out of the situation.

The Man being Mugged introduces himself as a “Friend” and tells them that he was being mugged over some documents that his brother had hidden away in a hut at the top of a hill. He asks the Group to fetch it for him as it is protected by a group of goblins. “In the Hut you will find a black box the documents will be inside”. The hero’s agree for a handsome fee to fetch the documents for him.

The hero’s attempt to make a clandestine approach up the main road. They see a goblin scout and capture him. After some intimidation he gives the players tactical information on the strength of the goblin force. He said he was Paid to be here and that we were to fight to our very last. Looking around from the outside that this was no mere hut this was the Birthplace of the Former King. It now stands a tattered and battle worn shrine devastated by the civil war.

The Heroes march on and encounter a small force of Goblins and Fire Beatles. With some tricky maneuvering and the start of coordinated efforts the players handily defeat the goblins and find the box. Inside it a letter saying… "Congratulations Hero’s you have passed a test of strength…for real work and a test of cunning come find me by the sheriffs office.The players do and their friend pays them and invites them Back to The Black Raven Inn to explain his situation.

At the Inn the “Friend” Introduces himself as Amond Hali. The Brother of Nemond Hali (The Dead King’s Nephew) He wants to hire them to Kill the treacherous Sheriff Yonas Bartome. If they can complete the job in three days he will have even more lucrative work for them….The heroes agree


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